Introduction: Direct Wire GPS Mount + EZPass Holder for Benz C240

Last one for the Toyota was too easy & not enough pics. This time I draw inspirations from Apple !

Materials needed:

- 4" x 12" Balsa ply wood
- 5/8" wooden ball
- 1/2" wooden dowel
- Black spray paint
- Cig light socket
- 5' thin gauge wire

Total cost ~ $10

Step 1: Looks Like a IMac G4 ?

Can't tap into dome light this time. Benz has rain & light sensors near the mirrors, can't risk it.
So dash mount this time.

Step 2: Build the Mount/holder

Cut sheets into box dimension of EZPass tag. Dowel should be glue + nail/screw in. Glue & clamp down to dry

Also spray painted black to match interior.

Step 3: Tap Into Lighter Socket

How to tap into light socket here ? Lots of removals needed !!

Start with the bottom rubber cup holder. Use a small screw driver, push open the edge of the rubber cup holder. Slip in a needle nose pliers & pull it out.

Step 4: Cup Holder Removal

Be firm but gentle here. This is an expensive part !!

Eject the cup holder. Hold the cup stem, pull up a bit, then rotate clock-wise. It'll come out, trust me ...

Step 5: Remove Shifter Console

Open ash tray door. Grab the top left & left edge of wood insert & pull up; then remove the leather shift boot.

Step 6: Remove Ash Tray

Yet another expensive part !

Open the door, insert small screw driver to the 2 bottom tabs & push back to unlock. Pull the ash tray out

Step 7: Tap Into Lighter Harness

Push up to unlock the 2 tabs. Finally, the lighter mount can be swing back.

You don't need to disconnect the car battery, just be sure key removed !!

Grab the L-shape lighter connector with needle nose pliers, pull right to remove.
Open the connector & tap wires in.

Black/yellow is HOT
Blown is ground

Close connector & reconnect to light socket.

Step 8: Run Power Line

I picked the arm rest console to stash the charger ...
Quickest way is to run power wire outside, then back in.

Step 9: Connect Car Charger

Benz W203 have a/c vents in the arm rest storage bin, so just widen it for power line in & GPS charger line out.

Push both seats way back.
Remove felt-like padding on storage bin (similar to steps in rubber pads in cup holder)
Drill/cut out vent grill (upper right)

Feed in power wire from light, connect to socket, feed out charger end.

*** Test polarity with multimeter, compare with existing socket before connecting anything ***

If tested OK, tape up everything.

Step 10: Run Charger Cable to Dash

Put everything back in center console

Tuck newly ran wires between center console & carpeting.

*** Too tired by now ... no mood to remove radio console & A/C vent ***

Cheated & drill thru glove compartment. I now have 4" of dangle wire instead of 3 feet.

Happy for now ....