Introduction: Directed Electromagnetic Ray

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Here is a simple way to gut a microwave oven and reassemble its power supply for the magnetron.

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Step 1: Gutting a Microwave

Find a microwave oven, remove its metal casing, then remove the important parts of the microwave oven. The removed objects should include the iron core microwave transformer (make sure the core is a big, heavy block of iron and not the old, cruddy plastic microwave transformers), the high voltage capacitor along with its high voltage rectifying diode, the power cable, and the magnetron.

Step 2: Reassemble the Important Microwave Oven Internals

The previous video and picture uploaded to the project show how the electronics should be wired together. Make sure the high voltage diode, the transformer iron core, and the case of the magnetron are all grounded to the green wire on the power cable. I simply use nuts and bolts to fasten ground wires to the components and ground cable. Solder can be used as well. The F side of the magnetron is directly connected to center winding of the transformer which is thin and small. The FA side of the magnetron is connected to the side of the high voltage capacitor with the rectifying diode which is then grounded. The other side of the capacitor is connected to the secondary, high voltage winding of the transformer. The other end of the secondary winding should have been made grounded to the transformer iron core already. Afterwards are some simple modifications to the magnetron to focus the microwaves.

Step 3: Modifications

An open, empty soup can or any other metallic, cylindrical shaped object is used to direct the microwaves. The smoother and longer the metal cylinder is the more focused the microwaves will be. The outside of the can is insulated with duct tape or electrical tape just to prevent arcing to any important, nearby electronics. A hole 20 mm or 3/4" in diameter is centered and drilled 37 mm away from the base of the empty soup can. The antenna/emitter at the end of the magnetron is inserted into the soup can through the drilled hole. The soup can is then glued or fastened to the magnetron using an insulated wire, tape, or zip ties.

The setup of the microwave cannon is now complete!

Step 4: Powering Up

A cooling system such as a fan would be great to keep the microwave transformer and magnetron cool. Afterwards, plug the setup in to a socket that can be switched on and off, such as on power strips. Food, water, metal, or obsolete electronics are near, or sometimes far from, the open top of the can. Turn the setup on and if everything is correct the magnetron should be spewing out high intensity microwave radiation capable of frying almost anything that gets near it. Enjoy your new death ray! I was impressed that my homemade death ray turned out to be far better than Mythbuster's microwave experiments.

Note: Don't point this at yourself, other people, animals, other people's property, or anything else that can ruin your, or someone else's life, while operating. It's only meant for safe entertainment and demonstrations.