Introduction: Dirt Cheap Canon DSLR Remote

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So essentially this instructable covers how to make a DSLR wired remote from a soda can tab and a 2.5mm male to male cable. This remote is just a very simple switch made from recycled trash and common items i already owned. I first made this switch as an emergency when i broke my actual remote, and from then on i carry it in my camera bag incase my remote dies again. 
1. Pliers or similar tool
2. 2.5mm male to male cable
3. soda can tab

Step 1: Step One- Bending the Tab

Using pliers or a similar tool bend the soda can tab in half. A flat surface can help give you leverage with the pliers if needed.

Step 2: Step Two- Bending the Tab(continued)

Use the pliers to bend the inner part of the tab(the part that holds it to the can) and make the opening smaller.

Step 3: Step Three- Finish Up

Slide the tab over the end of the end of the 2.5mm connector and make sure it fits tight. when you apply pressure to the top of the tab with your thumb, it completes the circuit and commands the shutter operation. I can comfirm this works with my Canon T4i(650D). A better way to do this would be to cut off one of the 2.5mm cable ends and attach a momentary switch to the open connections. With heatshrink tubing and a store bought switch, the switch could look clean and professional, however, this instructable was made to show how i used the resources around me to rig together a make shift switch as an emergency. 

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