Introduction: Dirty Pig Mask

i made a Dirty Pig mask

Step 1: Sketch

Step 1. made a sketch of the cartoon

Step 2: Balloon

Step 2. cover a balloon in a few layers of plaster wrap

Step 3: Cut

Step 3. after it dries cut the plaster in half

Step 4: Eyes and Mouth

Step 4. cut the holes for the eyes and mouth

Step 5: Nose

Step 5. make the nose using cardboard by cutting a circle out for the top and cut out a rectangle and attach it at both sides to make a tube for the bottom and put tabs on both sides to attach the circle to the tube and the whole nose to the plaster wrap

Step 6: Attaching Nose

Step 6. attach the nose with hot glue then cover it in plaster wrap

Step 7: Seal

Step 7. seal the edges and the holes for eyes and mouth with plaster wrap

Step 8: Ears

Step 8. cut the ears and hair out of cardboard and made tabs to hot glue them onto the mask

Step 9: Plaster on Ears

Step 9. cover the ears and hair in plaster wrap

Step 10: Paint

Step 10. paint the whole thing black

Step 11: Paint Details

Step 11. add details like the nose holes and eyebrows with white paint

Step 12: Paint Hair

Step 12. paint the hair with pink paint

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