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Introduction: Disable Home Keypad Hack

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Home entry keypads add convenience but also risk. One day while my daughter was home alone she heard the keypad being used repeatedly on the other side of the locked door. The person was a stranger. I decided there needed to be a cut-out switch to disable the keypad so I developed this hack to ensure my home is safe.

Step 1: Find Empty Space Inside the Unit for a Switch.

Step 1 is to remove the cover to the lock mechanism on the indoor side and locate a place for a small switch to fit. Mine had a space about the size of my finger thickness right behind the spot where the plastic cover snapped out. Be sure the spot you pick has room for wires to reach to the battery compartment.

Step 2: Modify the Battery Compartment.

Remove the battery compartment and locate a wire that goes between two batteries in the bundle. Cut that wire then solder two wires, one to each side, so an on/off switch can be added. Use a hot glue gun to secure the wires after the soldering is complete.

Step 3: Solder a Switch to the Wires.

Solder a switch to the other end of the wires attached to the battery compartment. Drill a hole for the switch in the door lock housing then secure the switch in place with a little hot glue.

Step 4: Reassemble the Lock.

Replace the batteries then drop the battery compartment into place. Tuck the wires into the compartment and reassemble the lock mechanism. You can now turn off the automated keypad any time. We turn it off at night and when the children are home alone. We sleep better knowing nobody can try to guess our access code during the night. hope this helps you all too.

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    Clever idea. It could also give you some piece of mind when you are away on long vacations.