Disabled Heroes Guitar

Introduction: Disabled Heroes Guitar

About: We're a pre-engineering academy in Tustin High School, a public high school in Orange County, CA

Created at Tustin High School with SolidWorks 2014 and ShopBot Buddy by Jonathan D, Kristina Barrett and Tristan Beadles.

Whether coming home from war confined to a wheelchair or sitting in an armchair, this guitar allows people to sit down and play without contorting into uncomfortable positions or worrying about it bumping or not fitting within the constraints of the chair.

Step 1: SLDPRT

Solidworks Part Documents for each iteration of our guitar, with their respective pictures.

If you plan on cutting this on a CNC, the height of the guitar, when it lays on its back, is 1 1/2 inches.

Step 2: Photos

What it looks like to prepare our wood for our mill. We didn't have enough wood of a high enough quality so we planed and jointed some low quality 1.5"X10" planks with wood glue. Outside of the cost of the machines, this project is actually really cheap.

Step 3: SBP's

If you own a ShopBot, these are the files you would use to cut the final version of our guitar, with a Straight 1/2in bit for roughing and a Ballnose 1/4in bit for finishing. Good Luck!

Step 4: STL

A STL for the final iteration of our guitar

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    5 years ago

    As an amateur guitarist who became disabled (and had to stop playing because of said disability) this would be brilliant. Playing sat in a chair is a nightmare, and it looks like this would do the trick. Well done guys!


    6 years ago

    I see you use a Vectric product. Can you post that file with tool paths?

    Great idea I would like to see if anyone needs one here.