"Disabling" or Removing the Microphone in the FireTV Controller Version 2

Introduction: "Disabling" or Removing the Microphone in the FireTV Controller Version 2

Since there is no definite solution of disabling the microphone in the FireTV controller by software settings, the only other option is to physically remove the microphone.

For the first Version of the FireTV controller another solution can help, that is published here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Disable-Alexa-Mi...

With the second Version of the FireTV controller, both halfes of the controller are better clued together and opening up the controller, as described in the instructions of i78iy, didn't work for me.

The solution presented here therefore separates the microphone without opening up the controller.


  • Drilling maschine with a small drill
  • A bright light (from a smartphone)
  • some bent, but stable metal stick (i used a dentist toothpick)

Step 1: Drilling Through the Microphone Hole

The green circle in the image marks the microphone, the red circle marks the IR sender. Be sure not to touch the IR sender in the following steps.

By trilling through microphone opening from above, the microphone will get loose on one side.

Step 2: Separating the Microphone

With the microphone loose on one side, there is not much effort needed to fully detach the microphone. With the bent metal stick, a little push from one side is needed, and the microphone is loose.

Step 3: Releasing the Microphone Into the Wild

As pointed out, leaving the microphone in the control might lead to a short.

Through a little hole (5mm) on the side of the controller, and under the battery casing, the microphone can fall out.

It should be possible, to just do the hole operation through this hole, making Step 1 obsolete. Maybe someone tries it this way and shares his experience.

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Tip 2 years ago

I want to raise a word of caution: A loose, metallic object in an eclosed remote is a total defect waiting to happen: The popped microphone can short anything (Powersupply, Processor, Peripherals, ...) with its connectors and metal case. So dont be surprised if your remote stops working completely in a few days or a few shakes.

Source: common sense, Electronics engineer-Diploma and more than one defective electronic item with exactly this happening.


Reply 2 years ago

Thanks for the hint!