Disappearing Stone




Introduction: Disappearing Stone

Hi! I'm coolsista9, and my other account is TieDIY. I am a girl who likes DIY, craft, rainbow loom…

Amaze your friends with this awesome magic trick!!!!!! All you need is:
1x handkerchief
1x stone (or other small item)
A table

That's really it!
So why don't we get started?

Step 1:

Place the stone down on the table. Tell the audience that the stone is very magical and powerful, and sometimes likes to disappear.

Step 2:

Place the handkerchief on top of the stone. Say, "But it is very sneaky- it doesn't like being seen when it's about to disappear."

Step 3:

Then pick up the handkerchief- but taking the stone with it. Make sure the audience doesn't see that you take the stone too. Say that the stone can easily re appear.

Step 4:

Place the handkerchief down along with the stone; but don't let them see the lump from the stone. Move your hands above the handkerchief so they are distracted by your hands not the lump. Then lift off the handkerchief- don't take the stone- to reveal that it has "reappeared".

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    8 years ago

    Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate hearing from you and knowing what you think about my instructable.


    8 years ago

    Love this! It brings back good memories from when my bro tried to trick me when we were like, three... Lol