Introduction: Disassembling a Glock 19 Gen 4 for Cleaning Purposes

This step by step guide will guide you in disassembling a Glock 19 (G19) Gen 4 for cleaning purposes only. It is for people that own this gun, but can be very similar to other Glock models. You do not need any knowledge of disassembling but it is recommended. Always function test the weapon (unloaded) after reassembly. This means pull the slide back and let it go home and squeeze the trigger to make sure the hammer goes forward. For reassembly just repeat this process backwards. Make sure you keep your parts near by and do not lose them. Missing parts could cause miss fires or make the weapon operate improperly. .

Items need for this project:
These can be found on or at your local gun shop.
6" Cotton-Tipped applicator/ Q-Tip
100% Cotton Bore patches
Gun cleaning lubricant - I recommend using Gunzilla
Gun Cleaning Kit - Bore punches, rags etc.
Clean working area!

Step 1: Clear the Weapon

First and foremost you want to treat every gun as if it were loaded. Ensure the weapon is clear by extracting the magazine and pull the slide back and visually and physically check for any brass in the barrel and/or chamber. Release the slide and send the hammer home. (Sending the hammer home means squeezing the trigger, you will hear an audible click, that is the hammer).

Step 2: Remove the Slide

To remove the slide, pull the slide back about 1/2 an inch and pull down on the slide stop. This will release the slide and allow you to slide it off from the trigger housing group.

The gun will now be in two separate pieces, the frame that houses the trigger and the slide which holds the barrel and springs.

Step 3: Do Not Disassemble the Frame

Do not disassemble the frame unless you have knowledge of the frame housing group. It is more advanced and not recommended for beginners. For cleaning purposes, this is far enough for the frame. You can use the the Q-tips recommended in the intro for cleaning the smalls spaces of this area. Insure that you wet the area with the recommended cleaner and remove any carbon from the crevasses as best you can.

Step 4: Disassembling the Slide

First, remove the recoil spring by simply pulling it out. Then remove the barrel by sliding it up then back. This frees it from its holders and allows you to pull it out. The slide should now be in 3 separate pieces: recoil spring, barrel and slide group.

Here you can wipe down the slide, recoil spring, and outside of barrel using your gun lubricant and rag. To clean the inside of the barrel use the Cotton Bore patches and use the bore punch to feed it through. This will need to be down several times to ensure the carbon is remove from inside of barrel. You can also visually look through the barrel to see if any residue remains.

Be sure to thoroughly clean off all carbon residue. Also, do not leave the parts dry. Leave a thin layer of lubricant to allow your weapon to function easier. This will reduce the chances of it jamming.

Step 5: Disassemble the Slide Group

To remove the striker or bolt first push the striker back until it locks into place. Below the striker is a small black release button. Push down on the button and slide the back plate off the slide. CAUTION It is semi-spring loaded so be careful when removing as it may launch the backer off.

Next slide the striker out, and remove the extractor plunger. Then push the safety pin out as it will easily fall out on its own. You can wipe down and clean these parts and slightly lubricate them for functionality purposes.

Step 6: Good Work! Now Clean the Weapon!

This is the furthest I recommend disassembling for cleaning purposes. Make sure you thoroughly clean all parts of the gun with the recommended products. Remove all carbon from parts and make sure pieces are slightly lubricated to prevent future jams when using your weapon.

To re-assemble the weapon, do the steps in reverse. Also, as I said in the intro, do a function test (unloaded) and make sure you hear the hammer being sent home when you squeeze the trigger. Do it a few times to ensure it is assembled right.