Introduction: Disassembly of Zen V/ Plus

This instructable will show you how to take apart your Zen V player.
NOTE: this will void your Warranty, do not attempt if your warranty is still active. Get it FIXED!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Zen V/ Plus (Duh)
-Small screw drivers.
The next step will start the Disassembly process.

Step 2: The Disassembly

Just do as the photos and notes tell you. It is rather easy

Step 3: The Orange Thing.

Now remove the orange plastic piece. Look at both pics please.

Step 4: Now the Screen Part.

This part is harder the screen is held on by a ribbon of glue all the way around. Be careful not to damage the OLED Screen by prying to deep.

Step 5: The Small Screws.

Remove these but don't lose them.

Step 6: Final and Reassembly.

ok here is the final step. and reassembly pics.

If you need parts go you can go to here :ebay

-Thanks for viewing my first Instructable.

Step 7: How I Fixed Mine

I ordered a broken one from ebay and replaced the following parts in the picture: