Introduction: Disc Golf Goal All Parts From Lowes Inexpensive

I am going to try to show you how I built my first Disc Golf Goal with parts I got from Lowes for around $75! I think it turned out pretty decent. It's within the regulation limits I found here, is sturdy, and most importantly catches discs!

I'll do my best to explain what you'll need to buy and how to get it all together, but unfortunately I did not take pictures of the process. It shouldn't be hard to figure out by looking at the pictures I attached, if you have any questions please ask in the comments. I got the basic idea from other more detailed posts on this page, and just tweaked it with things I came across. Hope this helps someone!

UPDATE----->>> after about a year of use its still holding up well. The only problem is, at the top where the chains are hung through the holes around the trash can lid, two of the holes broke through. I'd recommend putting some washers or something in there.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Things You'll Need: 

~ 5 Feet of 2" PVC
~ 40 Feet of 2/0 Passing Link Chain (Straight Link can be used but I preferred the passing)
~ 3x 3" PVC Closet Flange (also called Toilet Flange)
~ 3x 2" to 3" PVC Step Down Bushing
~ 6x eye bolts
~ 18x S-Hooks
~ 4x Hex Bolts 1/4" x 2"
~ 4x Carriage Bolts 1/4" x 1"
~ 14x 1/4"x20 nuts and lock washers
~ 1x piece of wood 3' square 1/2" thick
~ 1x round trash can lid that measures about 22" diameter
~ 1x planting basket that is about 26" diameter and about 6-7" deep (I found in the garden section)
~ 1x heavy umbrella stand
~ About 40" of airline tubing (this is what i made the rings from)

Step 2: Start Cutting!

I had a friend help me cut the chain, but a google search will help you figure out what tool you want to use to do this. 

For the outside chains, I cut 12 pieces @ 26" length
And the inside chains, 6 pieces @ 23" length (40 feet of chain will give you enough slack b/c you'll lose some links where you cut)

You'll have to figure out your measurements for the two pieces of PVC, because it will be different depending on the base you use.  I attached a picture with some basic dimensions you will want to aim for. 

Cut your piece of wood into a circle, size it so the trash can lid will slip right over top.

Cut your airline tubing into two pieces around 26" and 13".

I spray painted my PVC bushings and flanges black using Krylon paint.

I also bought some duck tape from walmart to cover the white PVC pipe.

Step 3: Let the Drilling Begin!

You'll have to do a little math here. Take out your trash can lid, and measure the diameter to get the circumference. Now take the circumference and divide by 12. This is how far apart you will drill your holes in the lip of the lid. Make them big enough to slip the S-Hooks through. 

Take out the piece of wood. Find the center of it, and place your toilet flange there. Drill through the four holes on the flange. Now remove it. 

Next tie a marker on a string, staple the free end to the middle of the wood. Use this to draw a circle 12" in diameter (the tip of the marker should be 6" from the center of the string).  Your circumference will be roughly 38". Divide this by the 6 holes you will drill, and you'll find you need to space them about 6.3" apart. These are the holes where the eye hooks will go. You can put them in now. 

Now fit another flange in the center of the basket. Drill the four holes through where the flange will fit onto the basket. You're not connecting anything right now just making the holes for later. 

And don't forget to drill plenty of holes in the bottom of the basket to let rain water run out :)

UPDATE----->>> after about a year of

Step 4: Put the PVC Together!

As you may have noticed, the flanges are 3" and the PVC is 2". This is where the 2"x3" bushings come in. Fit the bushing into the flanges, all three of them. Now your PVC will fit snug into them. 

So you'll have one piece of PVC fitting into the umbrella stand, and at the top it will fit into the flange (first photo). The basket will sit on the first flange, and another flange will be positioned inside the basket, directly over the first flange, held together by the hex bolts and washers/nuts under them (second photo). The other piece of PVC will then fit into the flange inside the basket, and run up to the bottom of the wood at top (third photo). Secure the top flange into the wood using the 4 carriage bolts, washers and nuts.

Step 5: Hang the Chain!

Slide S-hooks into the 12 holes around the lid and also hang 6 on the eye hooks inside.  Hang your shorter 6 pieces of chain on the inside, and the longer 12 pieces from the outside. Take the longer airline tubing, and start running the the 6 inside chains through it. Overlap it enough to close it shut with electrical tape, it should wind up being around 8" in diameter.

Take the smaller tube and do the same with the 12 outside links, and then close it off also.

The way I did it, I ended up with a pattern of 2 links running outside to inside (top to bottom), separated by one link running inside to outside. 

Step 6: You're Done!

That should be it! You may need to run some electrical tape around the base of the umbrella to fit it snug, I also tried wedging zip ties in there but the tape worked better. 

If I could change one thing:

I would cut another round piece of wood and fit it under the basket. When the sun beats on it, it can get a little saggy, and also its a little springy. It's not so bad, but consider doing that if you can. 

Thanks for looking, if I left anything out or you have questions leave a comment! Quick video below. 

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