Introduction: Disco Christmas Tree Tabletop Decoration

For me, Christmas is all about shiny things. Sparkly things, glittery things, twinkly lights. The more glitter the better!
I saw these mirrored tabletop Christmas tree decorations at Target, and I loved them but they were $20 each! So I decided to make my own version cheaper. And so can you!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need the following materials:
1. Styrofoam cone, available at the craft store.
Either the green or the white styrofoam is fine, since you will completely cover the cone, the color doesn't matter. They come in different sizes so that is your choice.
2. Silver mylar wrapping paper, preferably the "rainbow-y" holographic type.
3. Scissors
4. Glue. I used Elmers glue, but I think most glues would work.
5. Clear tape
Use clear glossy tape, not Scotch "Magic" tape. Magic tape has a milky, matte finish which ruins the look of shiny metallic papers.

Step 2: Cutting and Gluing

Spread the wrapping paper out on a table.
Lay the cone down on it's side on the paper.
Roll the cone slowly along the paper, and cut the paper to cover the cone and overlap by about half an inch. The top of the paper should also extend about an inch past the top of the cone.

Now spread some glue on the cone, a few inches at a time.
Slowly roll the cone onto the paper, smoothing it so the paper fits the cone smoothly with no wrinkles.
Add more glue as you roll, until the cone is covered with the paper.
Make sure the last overlapping edge of paper is glued cleanly and smoothly, and wipe up any oozing globs of glue.

Step 3: Drying Time and Finishing the Top

Now you need to let the glue dry. This will take longer than usual for white glue, because mylar paper is plastic-coated, so it prevents evaporation and keeps the glue wet for a long time. But, the Styrofoam is porous and the bottom of the cone is open to the air, so the glue will eventually dry. When you check for dryness you can also have time to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Once the glue is dry, you can trim the bottom of the paper if there is any excess, and then it's time to finish the top. The tops of the Styrofoam cones are blunt (truncated), most likely because a sharp point would be very prone to breakage. So to cover the top surface, just snip the excess paper at the top into 4 tabs. Then glue down one tab over another, overlapping like a box top.
At the end you might need a small piece of clear tape to hold the last tab down.

Optional: You can also glue a clear glass marble or large fake pearl to the top of the cone. The inspiration trees from Target have a pearly marble at the top, but I didn't add that detail to my trees.

Step 4: Display Suggestions

I think these trees look best in multiples.
If you want a formal symmetrical look, make two trees the same size. This looks good on a mantelpiece with some white candles or twinkly Christmas lights, one tree on each end of the mantel.

For a pretty centerpiece on the dining table, make 3 of the trees in graduated sizes. The Styrofoam cones are available in many sizes, and a grouping of odd numbers works best.
Wherever you display your trees, make sure to surround them with some interesting light source such as candles or Christmas lights. Light will bring out the sparkles!

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