Introduction: Disco Ball Pants

I needed a costume for my disco band (unfortunately our drummer spontaneously combusted) and somewhere between shiny polyester shirts and platform shoes I came up with this. After the fact, I found out it had been done before, but hey, if it's good enough for Little Richard, it's good enough for me. That's good advice. I can't think of a better way to be sure everyone can see you from the cheap seats.  

Step 1: Obtain the Following Items:

some old jeans that fit you
a few thousand 1/2" square mirror tiles (be extremly careful! They're freakin' sharp!)
silicone adhesive (I used 3M)
a sturdy belt to hold the pants up when you are done (pants will weigh about 5lbs) 

Step 2: Decisions, Decisions

You need to decide how far UP you want to go with the mirror tiles. I left the butt free of tiles in case I wanted to sit down. I realize now this was the unprofessional thing to do. My next pair will be completely and totally covered. Also, next time I will use dark black, instead of blue jeans. Also, how far apart will you space the tiles? I went 1/8". Just enough to allow the pants to flex freely, with maximum mirroring. You could use bigger mirrors, and space them farther apart if you are short of time, but they will look less like a disco ball then. 

Step 3: Layout/marking Planning

Start at the bottom & make guidelines in pencil as you go up, to keep the rows straight. Be sure to cut the bottoms of the pants off so they aren't dragging the ground at all. The pants will hang better when done if they don't bunch up from hitting the ground at the bottom. Put them on and double check, before you start gluing tiles on. 

Step 4: Glue Up

Lay the pants flat on your table, and using the precise applicator tip provided by the manufacturer, apply a blob of adhesive to the back of a tile and carefully place it in position, and push down while gently twisting slightly. Don't let the adhesive come out the edges. You will quickly learn how much glue you need. Work in shifts, only gluing up an area the size that will lay flat, then letting it dry completely, before moving on to the next area. Go from the bottom up. Keep telling yourself there aren't infinite tiles to glue. You will finish these pants. Eventually. And they will be SO cool. 

Step 5: Triumph, at Last!

You'll need a strong belt to hold these up, unless you started with super tight pants. They're heavy, but that's the price you pay for increased visibility. Again, be really careful, THESE PANTS ARE SHARP. Literally.