Introduction: Disco No-Tie Bow Tie

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Want a little bling for your next fancy shindig?  The disco bow tie has arrived!  Betabrand recently launched their Disco Open-Source Project, so over here at Instructables of course that means disco all the things!  Finally, something to make bringing your suit out of the closet sound fun.  

I decided to make a no-tie bow tie for this one vs a traditional tie-it-yourself bow tie.  These instructions will work with almost any fabric, but obviously this one is the best.  

Step 1: What You Need

This is a pretty easy project.  All you need is:

• a small amount of fabric.  It needs to be long enough to fit around your neck.
• a small piece of iron on interfacing
• a method of closure.  I used a swimsuit hook for this one since it's what I had on hand.  You could use a snap as well, or any other clever/more elegant closure you find appealing.
• tools: scissors, thread, sewing machine, iron 

Step 2: Cut Pieces

First, cut all the pieces you will need.  

• (x2) Bow Tie Rectangle Face Fabric: 4.75 x 3.5
• (x1) Bow Tie Rectangle Interfacing: 4.25 x 3
• Strip of Face Fabric 1.5" wide, and long enough to reach around neck + at least 4"

Step 3: Make the Bow

To make the bow part of the tie, start by ironing on the interfacing, centering it on the back of one of the fabric rectangles.

Next, sew your two fabric rectangles together, face sides inwards, like you would a pillow case.  Your seam line should be along the edge of your interfacing (I used a 1/4" seam allowance).  You will need to leave a ~ 1" gap in order to pull it right side out, which is best positioned in the center of one of the long sides of the rectangle.

When finished, clip the corners and pull your rectangle right side out.  I didn't bother sewing up the gap, as it will later be covered by the tie and the open section will not be noticeable.  

If using cotton or a natural fabric that responds well to heat, iron your bow flat (I skipped this step as I was hesitant to iron on the face side of the disco fabric!).  

Step 4: Fold the Bow

To give your bow tie that perfect tied look, fold your rectangle in half and sew a short line of stitching close to the center as shown.  This will provide a crease to give your bow some structure.  

Step 5: Make the Strap

Now it is time to sew your strip of fabric.  This will be used as the neck strap and to tie the bow together in the center.

Fold your 1.5" strip in half, face side inwards, and sew 1/4" in from the edges.  I used a slight zig zag because the disco fabric has some stretch and I don't want to put stress on the thread.  When finished with the seam, attach a safety pin to the end and use it to turn your strap right side out.  

Because the disco fabric does not press well, I also added two lines of stitching along the edges to keep the strap lying flat.  If you are using cotton or a more natural fabric, iron it flat.

Step 6: Tie the Bow

With your newly sewn strip of fabric, measure around the folded bow and cut off a section large enough to wrap around the bow.  Sew it together to create the loop in the center of the tie, and slip it around the bow.  

Pull the remainder of your strip through the backside of the bow, with the bow centered on it.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Time to put on the finishing touches.  Attach the hook to one end, folding the strap under and sewing down to give a clean edge.  On the other side, I folded the strap back and made three seam lines within the overlap, folding the raw edge under.  This creates three choices of where to place the hook to allow for some variation in tightness.  

With that, you're finished.  Have fun blinding your guests at your next "black tie" affair!

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