Introduction: Disguised Rickroll Prank

Nobody expects Rick Astley, not even the Spanish Inquisition - and N-N-N-NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

If you are not familiar with Rickrolling, read the Wikipedia page or just watch this video to learn more.

I don't really remember exactly how or when I first came up with the idea for this video, but it had been rolling around (no palindrome intended) in the back of my mind for several months at least. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to create a Rickroll where the 'switch' happens during the video where it would be less expected, instead of in the link, since there are various shortened link checkers available these days. The Spanish Inquisition are all about not being expected, so it seemed like the perfect match.

I'd originally intended to post it on YouTube, but supposedly my "video may include content that is owned by a third party" and has been blocked - which I find rather ironic, considering that I got my source videos from YouTube in the first place :)

Step 1: Our Chief Weapons

I didn't actually start making the video until Monday 25th, and I had to go camping from Wednesday to Friday, so I only had parts of four days to complete the project for April Fools. Mostly evenings, as I was also working on my next Instructable on the weekend.

Starting with a quick search for source videos, I used DownloadHelper for Firefox to get the videos from YouTube, then converted the .flv files to .mpeg format with FLV Converter so that I could import them into my video editor.

I won't go into detail on the editing, since video software varies greatly; and if you make your own disguised Rickroll you will most likely use a different video to hide it in. I'll gladly attempt to answer any questions you may have via the comments.

The lower picture above shows my workspace with the timeline of the completed video. I have a second screen which I usually put the Video Preview window onto when I'm editing. If you look at the picture while listening to the video multiple times, it will help you to understand how I created it.

I made an initial render on Wendesday morning and watched it on my phone [mostly with headphones] multiple times during the camping trip, and kept notes of any new ideas I had.

On Saturday, after some tweaking of transitions and adding more sound clips to the Voice track, I made the credits. I added varying levels of transparency to the white text elements  - full for Headers, less for Single Items and minimal for Dual Items and the black background; this allows the rainbow image to show through from underneath.
I made a last minute decision on Sunday just before my final render; adding some Nyan Cat into the mix to mess with people's heads some more, plus it <censored> a few parts that my mother might not approve of if she ever watches the video :)

Step 2: Pining for the Fjords

Although my several hours of editing, rendering and uploading were important, they'd be relatively pointless - as a prank at least - if nobody actually saw the result. Providentially, the internets are home to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and a host of discussion forums, where unsuspecting prankees await their fate. If I'd been successful at getting the video on YouTube, it would have helped the number of views significantly.
Disapointingly, I didn't receive much online feedback despite having 130 views over 3 days, so I don't know how many people I pranked directly. So far all of my [few] friends who saw it are still currently my friends (I hope?)

Using the prank yourself is as easy as following these simple steps:
0. vote for me
1. go to the video page
2. click the share button
3. choose your method of spreading madness
4. write something like "Your never gonna expect this video, it's awesome! Just watch it already!!"
5. select 'share with public' and press enter
Now just sit back and watch as everyone subscribes, likes and friends you. *

Thanks for reading d:-D-\--<¦:

~~ May your links not expected, and your pranking never be given up ~~

Rickrolling Forever!!!!

* this might not actually happen. May also cause unsubscription, down-voting, unfriending, death threats, and/or bodily harm from close acquaintances.
I've not received any hate mail yet, but you never know...

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