Introduction: Dishwasher Insulation to Quiet a Cheap Noisy Dishwasher

How I got this budget dishwasher to stop interrupting conversations.

Step 1: First You Need to Figure Out Where the Dishwasher Is Mounted to Your Counter.

We have a stone sort of counter top and our dishwasher was mounted on the sides with two philips head screws, our other house with a wooden counter top had it mounted to the underside of the counter. These mounts are to keep the dishwasher from tipping or sliding out and they aren't very sturdy as far as holding the dishwasher perfectly still.

Step 2: Wrap the Washer!

I went to the local hobby lobby, but before you do you should check out their website as that day there was a 40% off coupon that I printed off. This bag was 14.99 before tax or discount. I found the thickest stuff they had and MAKE SURE it's polyester and NOT cotton so it won't rot if and when it gets wet from any condensation or leaks. I laid mine out on the floor and folded it three times to the depth of the dishwasher. I draped it over the dishwasher and cut it to size to include angles where the springs and cables that hold up the door are located. There was enough to do the back of the dishwasher triple thick as well. And I had enough to put it doubled inside the door which took a little investigating to figure out how it came apart!!

The "insulation" that came with the dishwasher was less than 1/4" thick and honestly I didn't even know there was any in there until I pulled the dishwasher out, and I even looked through the gaps beforehand and couldn't even see it in there so that's how little there was.

The stuff I got is meant for quilts and it's called batting and was claimed to be 1" thick and meant to fill a full sized quilt so it was decently large at 81" x 96".

Our dishwasher is a GE and it came with our new house so it isn't a nice quiet expensive model for sure!

Step 3: Final Test and What to Do With the OEM Insulation

Doing the whole dishwasher did quiet it down quite a bit but there was still some noise from the pump underneath. While the washer was running and during it's noisiest part, I laid down and shone a light underneath and started touching things and holding them to see what was the offending part and if it was rattling or not. It turns out that the pump on mine (black part in between the gray motor housing on the right and the brass water connection on the left) would stop making noise if I put a little upwards pressure on it or held it tight so I took the OEM insulation blanket and folded it up three times and slid it under all the hoses and bunched it up under the pump to give it a little lift and viola!! Quiet as can be!!!

So for less than $11 I have succeeded in turning this noisy conversation stopper into subtle background noise.