Introduction: Disinfect a Toothbrush

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If that 6:00am alarm didn't wake you up, maybe dropping your toothbrush on the bathroom floor will awaken your senses. Don't worry, we've all done it at some point. What now? Do you just pick it up and brush your teeth? Or do you bust out a new toothbrush from your never ending awesome supply?

If neither of these options seem doable to you, its time I let you in on the secrets of disinfecting your toothbrush! Simple and effective, you and your teeth can rest assured that they're ever fresh and clean. Even better, we will not be using any harsh chemicals!

This simple tutorial will only require distilled white vinegar! Yup, you read that right! Vinegar has been proven to kill many forms of bacteria, mold and viruses. And its a guest that knows when to leave; it doesn't leave behind a lingering taste, at all!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Lucky for us, this isn't going to require much.

your toothbrush
~1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar
glass or jar to put your toothbrush in

Step 2: Emerging Toothbrush

Pour the vinegar into your glass. Place toothbrush head down into vinegar

Step 3: Wait a Bit

Allow the vinegar 15 minutes to work its magic with your toothbrush. Once done, rinse it with some tap water, and its ready to use!

Enjoy dirtying your mouth just so you can brush your teeth with your new, disinfected toothbrush! Oreos are a great bet