Introduction: Disk Break Clock

This is a cool and easy project if you struggle to follow these step just say in the comment section.

Step 1: Clock

First you will need a clock just any old clock don't use a decent clock you just want the workings out of it e.g hands and battery pack bit.

Step 2: Disc Break

Just find any old disc break and give it a clean and if you want to paint it

Step 3: Starting the Project

Ok let's go
You will need to have a small screw driver or flat head depends what clock you've got. Check the back of the clock and see if there is a screw there should be but if not just gently lift the glass on the front of the clock with the flat head.

Step 4: The Workings

Gently ease the hands off with your finger and get a piece of duck tape and number them so you no the order they go back on so you just have this

Step 5: Glueing

Now carefully glue the black power pack to the back of the disk break
you can get a piece off wood and cut it to fix the disc break in with hot glue and you want paint the hands and give them a pop and them your done.
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