Introduction: Disk Rack

This Dish Rack was made from materials sourced from an old DVD player and some 3d Printed Parts.

This was created as part of coursework for IDN1002.

Step 1: Preparing the Components

Fist, Disassemble the DVD player. Ensure to keep the power cord, the top and bottom shells, and the disc player holder. Using a marker, trace out the desired cuts onto the metal shell, using a metal scribe or marker. Ensure the marks are visible from a distance.

Step 2: Making the Components

Next, using a milling machine, dremel, or other sheet metal cutting tool, cut along the marked lines. Our pieces were cut with a 5mm milling bit on a milling machine. After cutting, remove any rough burrs and edges with files and sandpaper. The edges should not be sharp or have any jagged edges.

Step 3: Print Out 3D Components

Print out the water spreader component. This should take approximately 30 minutes per spreader. After printing, remove the printing supports. There should be no need to file down the part.

Step 4: Painting the Components

First, go over the metal parts with paint primer or sand it down. Afterwards, paint the pieces using spray paint, ensuring there is an even coating over all parts. You may need to paint a second coat afterwards. Ensure you are painting in a well-ventilated area, as paint fumes can be toxic to your health.

Step 5: Assembling the Disk Rack

Attach the stand and top cover to the base. This can be done with the use of super glue. We used bits of the power cable as hinges, as they provided enough flex for the rack. Finally, attach the spreaders to the top plate.

The rack is now complete.