Introduction: Dismantle an IP Camera

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Nowadays we can get this IP camera for around $50 featuring pan and tilt and night view.

I got mine on at $49.99 last year. Now it is $42.92.

Then why would I dismantle my IP camera?

Firstly, I was curious what is inside this cheap and fully featured wireless camera.

Secondly, I wanted to put it in an RC toy, so I needed to reduce its size and weight.

Okay, I have to admit that I put the reason upside down. It was because I wanted to put it on my RC toy, I dismantled it, and that killed my curiosity of what is inside :P

So what are we waiting for? Let's get started ...

Step 1: Main Board

  1. Unfasten four screws at the bottom.
  2. The bottom lid is flat and no where to hold and pull it out. You need to poke it using a slotted screwdriver through one of its ventilation holes.
  3. Now unfasten another screw that holds the main board.
  4. Unplug the camera module wires (two groups of red wires).
  5. Unplug the motor wires (two groups of five-colors wires).
  6. Unfasten the antenna bolt and then push it down through the case's hole.
  7. Unscrew the left-right limiter. It is used to determine the maximum left of right.
  8. Now we get the main board. I put the LR limiter into a plastic bag because it is soldered to the board.

Step 2: Upper Part

  1. Unfasten three screws to release the bearing holder.
  2. Unfasten the motor's screws.
  3. Pull to separate the upper part and lower part. The upper part fits tightly into the bearing, so you need to pull it a little bit harder.
  4. Unfasten four screws of the plastic gear.
  5. Release the left and right parts holding the main camera. Here you don't need any force to do it because the are loose after you unscrew the plastic gear.
  6. The right part has two screws holding the wires in place, unscrew them. There are wires from the right part to the main camera, they are built-in speaker cables. Do not pull. Leave them for now.
  7. Unfasten two screws at the back of the main camera.
  8. Now you can unplug the speaker wires from the camera module board.
  9. Unfasten two screws holding the motor.
  10. At the back of the motor you will find a limiter, pull it out. Its cables are grouped with the speaker's cables.
  11. As the speaker is hot glued to the right case, I will leave it there together with the limiter.
  12. Now put back together the main camera module case.

Step 3: End Result

  1. These are the parts I took out from the camera, two stepper motors and a bearing remove 70% of the total camera weight.
  2. I need only the main board and the main camera module for my RC, removing its pan and tilt feature.
  3. Bluetooth Panzer controlled by Android phone is coming soon on my instructables :)

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