Introduction: Stolen Bloody Eyeballs

These props are perfect to hold with any costume! Here I added them to my "eye-collector" mask that I made from a plastic bowl. If you want to make the eye ball mask look for it in the easy costume tomorrow.

Step 1: What You Need

For this instructable u will need:
-Paper balled up (thin paper preferred like tissue paper)
-White plastic bag or white disposable glove
-Red fuzzy stick(pipe cleaner)
-Two different sized tops or circular shapes to trace the eye with
-Fake blood
-Wax paper
-Styrofoam plate

Step 2: Ball Up Paper

Ball up the paper. Try to make it as round and smooth as possible. The thinner the paper the better. I actually used disposable toilet seat covers. They are the perfect size and thickness.

Step 3: Stuff Paper Ball Into Glove or Plastic

Stuff a paper ball into one of the gloves and wrap it into a ball.

Step 4: Double Wrap

Next, double wrap it. This just gives it a better round shape. This is optional.

Step 5: Twist and Seal

Now get all the extra flaps into one spot. Twist to make it tight but not too tight as to damage the shape. Then wrap your fuzzy stick around the stem. If you come across any air bubble in the process, a little squeeze should push it right out.

Step 6: Drawing the Eye

Next trace two circles onto your eye. A small one in black and a slightly larger in a color of your choice, this will make the iris. You're going to want to draw the big circle first, that way you can center the middle circle. I found that out the hard way.

Step 7: Stress

Now use a red marker to draw the stress lines. This is really easy and fun. You don't have to draw them all the way down since we will be dipping the bottom in blood.

Step 8: Blood!

Finally dip the stem in fake blood. This colors and creates a bond. Lay out some wax paper so you have a place for the eyes to dry. Get your styrofoam plate and pour in some blood. Then, dip the stems of the eyes in and twist it to cover the entire stem with blood. Set on wax paper to dry.

Step 9: Have Fun

After they dry you can hang them from the ceiling or having them siting around as decorations. My next instructable will be the "eye-collector". I use these as a prop for the costume.

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