Introduction: Disney Flower Ears

Here you will be taken step by step through the process of make a beautiful pair of Mickey Mouse ears. Heading to Disneyland anytime soon? This is the perfect addition to complement your unique Disney outfit.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have All the Needed Materials


-Hot glue gun

-Glue sticks for the glue gun

-Wire cutters (for cutting your fake flowers)


-Heavy gauge floral wire


-variety of fake flowers

-The flowers range from really small to medium (you don't want the flowers too big or you won't be able to see the wire Mickey Mouse-esque ears).

Step 2: Start With the Wire

When it comes to making this beaut of a headband you are going to want to start by cutting your wire. Depending on what size you bought the wire you can just cut it in the circle given (as shown) or if you have a bigger or smaller wire bundle you may need to shape it yourself.

Step 3: The Shape of the Ears

Make sure that when you shape it looks like a circle and the two ends are close enough together it will be easy to glue.

Step 4: Gluing

Take the hot glue gun and gently apply the glue to the metal causing them to bond together, connecting the two ends. Proceed to do it to both

Step 5: Applying the Ears

Glue the base of the circles and apply it the headband, do it to both.

Step 6: Flower Cutting

Cut the flowers at the base of the stem leaving just the flower bud itself.

Step 7: Flowers

Continue to do to all until you have a collection of flower buds that are ready to glue on to your headband.

Step 8: Applying

Apply the glue to the bottom of the flower and cover the bottom with the hot glue.

Step 9: The Beginning of the Headband

Attach the flower to the headband right at the base of where the metal rings meet the headband.

Step 10: Small Flowers

Once you have your big flowers on, attach your smaller flowers in interesting patterns and designs.

Step 11: Completing Your Ears

In the end, you should have a balanced combination of small and big flowers all attached to the headband thus using glue.

Step 12: Covering the Back

The back of your headband may or may not be covered in glue. You probably going to want to cover it up. So continue the steps of the gluing process on the back of the headband to cover you glue mistakes.


In the end, you should have a pretty flower crown Mickey Mouse ear ensemble.