Introduction: Disney World Hacks?

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So as a MAJOR FAN of Disney world, I thought it would be right to make a instructable about Disney world if it's your first time going! Let's get started!

Step 1: Things You Don't Want to Miss

Some things you DO NOT want to miss when you are in Disney are below, these are a really big hit with my family!

-Splash mountain! You will get soaked but you do not want to miss this ride, a family favourite for all!

- The parades, shows and fireworks are AMAZING at Disney world, these are a don't miss thing! But be warned once you see Disney worlds fireworks, all other fireworks to you will be, I've seen better!

- Character signing, yah it may seem a bit cliche and kiddie but one day these pictures and signatures will be very big memory one day, plus who does not love the smile on a kids face when they meet there favourite character?

Step 2: Must Haves When at Disney!

Some of these are kinda of obvious but I'm still going to state them!

-a hat
-and anything else you may need like some spare cash and your id

Step 3: Things to Do When You Are Not in Rides or Watching Parades,shows or Fireworks

There is also a free game to play called Sorcerers of magic kingdom, it's a virtual card game and you can get a free pack of five cards for every paid admission at the firehouse or the outpost behind the Christmas shop

Another free game is a pirates adventure interactive game in magic kingdom, it is located next to the Pirates of Caribbean ride!

Another thing that you have to pay for is pin trading, you can buy some pins and trade pins with cast members

Step 4: Things That Will Enhance Your Experiance

Magic bands

Dining reservations

Photo pass

Going in September when it's less busy

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