Introduction: Disney's Beauty and the Beast Inspired Rose

Recently I went with my family to see Beauty and the Beast, It was amazing!! I was inspired by the enchanted rose. unfortunately I have no red felt... so I used pink!

Step 1: "Tale As Old As Time"

You will need:


-green wire

-hot glue


-wire cutters

Lets start!

Step 2: The Stem

Cut four pieces of wire each 12 inches long.

Twist the first two wires together, then the other two, then twist both of those together.

bend over one end so you have a little loop.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut out a bunch of little petals and a leaf---The leaf is optinal.

Step 4: The First Petal

Useing the hot glue, put the first petal on the looped end of the wire, fold and glue down the sides like shown in the photos.

Step 5: A Fuller Rose

Continue this method with all of your petals untill your rose is nice and full. the you can glue the leaf on.

Step 6: Your Finished Rose

Ta-da! your rose is done!