Disney's Frozen: Elsa-Inspired Nails




Introduction: Disney's Frozen: Elsa-Inspired Nails

Follow these steps to feel like the "coolest" Disney princess!

Estimated time: 1.5 hours

Step 1: Prepare Nails

First remove any nail polish already on your fingers using any store-bought nail polish remover and cotton rounds.

How to remove nail polish: (You may skip this step if you don't have nail polish on your fingers.) Put cotton round on the open end of the nail polish remover bottle. While holding the cotton round securely, flip the nail polish remover bottle over briefly to saturate the cotton round with remover. Once you have remover on the cotton round, scrub your nails with the saturated cotton round until the previously existing nail polish is removed.

Trim, file, and/or buff your nails until you are satisfied.

Step 2: Select Your Colors

You'll need an iridescent teal or blue/green color as your base, a very light blue (almost a white or silver), and a sparkle coat. You will also need a clear top coat to put over your nail polish at the end.

Step 3: Apply the Base Color

Apply one coat of the teal base color.

Once the first coat dries, it is recommended to apply a second layer of the base color. This will ensure the base color is opaque and it will help your nail paint last longer.

Step 4: Add "frost"

CAUTION: Allow base coat to completely finish drying before beginning this step. (About ten minutes)

When applying the "frost" (light blue), try to have as little paint on the brush as possible.

Start at the tip of the nail. Apply the nail polish relatively thickly at the end of your nails and slowly taper off as you work your way down to the base of each nail. Typically this step works best if you dab on the paint as you taper off. This technique gives it an icy or frosty feel, while adding an extra bit of texture.

If you mess up on this step, simply use the same technique (very little paint on the brush and dabbing) with the base coat to cover up any mistakes.

Step 5: Add Sparkles

Allow ample time for the frost layer to dry. (Ten minutes)

Apply a thin sparkle coat. This type of nail polish tends to be thick and globby. Try to spread out the coat into as thin a layer as possible.

Step 6: Finish With Clear Top Coat

CAUTION: Allow the sparkle coat to dry completely before applying the top coat. This is especially important on this step because the sparkle coat is quite sticky and can get easily pulled up or squished if it isn't completely dry.

Apply a generous amount of clear top coat. The sparkle layer is more gritty than most nail polish, so to get a smooth end product, make sure the top coat is thick. This will also help your nails last longer.

Step 7: Let It Dry, Let It Dry!

Give yourself a lot of time to let your nails dry. It is suggested that you wait at least one hour before you do anything with your hands. They may seem dry enough after ten or fifteen minutes, but they're still going to be soft underneath which means that they can still get messed up very easily. Remember that there are five layers of nail polish that need to dry and harden.

You're finished! Congratulations!

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    Wow that looks great i will try that sometime! :D