Introduction: Disney's Frozen Inspired Diary Cover

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Christmas is coming and it’s time for presents...

Do you like to make Christmas presents for people who you like? :) This journal cover is perfect for such a present.

Today I am making a Disney's Frozen inspired Olaf snowman Notebook Cover by using Fevicryl mouldit.

This creative and cute gift would surprise your friends and family.
for this Christmas, You could do your gift shopping online, but even free prime shipping can't beat these easy homemade Christmas crafts, This cute notebook present is so fun to make as it is to give, and they're guaranteed to be a total hit. Plus, you'll save some serious money in the process.


all you need is just


2.Fevicryl mouldit.

3.Sculpting Tools

4.Acrylic Paint

5.Paint Brushes

Step 1: Using Fevicryl Mouldit

For this project, iam going to use Fevicryl mouldit.its an epoxy compound and it will take 15-30 minutes to dry

Step 2: Giving a Shape

Now making an Olaf with this epoxy compound...

Step 3: Sculpting Tool

Using Sculpting tools...

Step 4: Paint It

Using Acrylic Paint to Colour it...

and our cute Olaf notebook is ready...