Introduction: Display From Junk to Art

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Hi everybody!

It's been while since I wrote instructable and now I have one project....mmmm... almost ready.

So here we go!

You need:

- wood for your taste. I use birch for this one.

- wood glue

- small nails

- screws

- round 6-8 mm wood stick

- 4-5mm plywood for back side


- lcd- display from old laptop

- suitable lcd drive board from ebay, ect. place ( check that it's for your display!!)

- Power supply for board

Of course you need also many tools, but I think that if you choose to make same like me, you know what tools you like to use.

I use planer and circular saw to make part's from wood.

Step 1: Front Frame

I use planer to make surface smooth and after that I cut 6 x 6mm channel for display element. Then I make test cut to check right angel for corners and it match pretty good!

After cutting frame I test that display element fits for frame channel.

For corner joints I put two nails to keep parts at line for bonding. I cut ends off from the nails so they are like spikes.

Here's also picture from glued frame. Ready for grinding with sandpaper.

Step 2: Back Frame

I make back frame also, channel for plywood is same 6 x 6 mm but it could be like 5 x 4 mm also, as you like.

I cut corners to right angel, looks much nicer this way. I didn't put nails at the corners but I glued there little wood blocks to make it stronger and for back attachment.

Before bonding frames together, I cut hole to drive board connections. Mine board was 13,5 cm wide and 15mm high.

Step 3: User Buttons and Board Stand

I make buttons from round wood stick 6mm. Just drill holes to same distance as button board and cut sticks suitable lenght. I left about 3mm at front and board side 4mm over surface. I drill 1mm holes to buttons and glue nails to hold buttons their holes.

Board stand is 1mm metal plate and its attach with screws to frame. You have to make stand for your board dimensions. Before attaching the board, put same plastic tape and plactic washers between the stand and board because as you know metal lead electric...

Step 4: Finishing

I was intention to use teak stain but somebody had mixed green at wrong can so color is...mmmm... let's say green-teak. But it look nice still!

Here you can see also back plate from 4mm plywood, I drill holes there for air circulation and one at center for display table stand or rack attach. This part is still under construction...

I use spray varnish, it's easy to use and makes nice surface to wood.

Step 5: Lcd- Element and Electronics

Here you can see how I make buttons, there is 2 x 2 nuts taped together for rising button board right level. You have to test which level is best for your buttons.

Driver board is attach with small bolts.

Lcd-element I attach with two birch sticks and small screws, I put also two side tape bits between to hold element at right place ( there is a small 1,5mm adjustment range at channel).

After attach everything, just put wires right places and screw back plate at place.

I'm going to make metal plate inside, where I weld M8 nut so display will stay on rack and its easy to mount.

Step 6: Ready to Action!!

Here's ready display ( table stand is still under work) and I'm very pleased for result. It look nice, buttons work and I can connect it many things if I need display.

Parts for this work cost about 40€ ( I have many things already), lcd-elemet is from old laptop, wood I get from mom's cottage and so on.

Nice project, have to do many of these :-)