Introduction: Display Soil Moisture and Upload to ThingSpeak

D-duino is a good platform for developing IOT. Its 0.96 OLED is very useful to display some important information.
Today I successfully displayed soil moisture and uploaded toThingSpeak.

Step 1: Prepare


D-duino x1

18650 shield x1

Soil moisture sensor x1

Step 2: Connect and Test

Connect moisture sensor's Vcc to D-duino 3V3 pin.

Connect moisture sensor's GND to D-duino GND pin.

Connect moisture sensor's data pin to D-duino A0 pin.

First let's test sensor status in water.

Step 3: Water Test

You see,

In water and out of water has a different result.

Step 4: Real Test and Upload to ThingSpeak

Please follow this project :Moisture

There are many projects about D-duino on github.

Please go to ThingSpeak and build a new channel with 1 chart.
Remember your API key and copy it to the code.

After changing WiFi ssid and password and API key you can upload code into D-duino.

Wait several seconds you will find the data displayed on the oled.

Here I set it upload to ThingSpeak every 60 seconds. It may only last for several hours.

You can expand time by fix codes.

Not only moisture sensor but also other sensor is OK!

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