Introduction: Display Stand for Maker Faire UK

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This display stand is ideal for use at craft fairs and shows. Its a great way to show off your projects at your stall or booth. I've made this one for Maker Faire UK. Its collapsible and easy to transport.

I have a build video showing the process here:

Materials Used:

  • 18mm Plywood
  • White Paint
  • Bees Wax
  • Vinyl Transfer
  • Screws

Tools Used:

  • Bandsaw
  • Table Saw
  • Mitre Saw
  • Drill & Driver
  • Router
  • Belt Sander

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

I've created a cut list for this project that's colour coded to make following it easier.

I start the build by marking the side panel design onto some 18mm plywood. I then cut it out on the bandsaw. It could be cut out with a jigsaw too.

The other pieces are cut to width at the table saw and then to length at the mitre saw.

I wanted a curve on the top of the display piece so I knocked a nail into the side about 1 inch from the top. I added another on the other side, again roughly 1 inch from the top. I also added a nail at the top in the centre. I could then bend a thin piece of wood between the nails to create a gradual curve. Marking it with a pencil, removing the nails and cutting on the bandsaw gives me the desired curve.

I thought rounding the front corners of the shelves would be a nice touch so I traced round a small bearing and cut away the bull on the bandsaw. I then clamped all 4 shelves together and sanded to the curve on the belt sander. Sanding them all together makes the curves all the same.

Step 2: Paint & Assemble

I decided to paint mine stand white. It should show whatever is displayed on it clearer with the white background. Of course you could go with any colour scheme you like or even leave the bare plywood.

I left the edges of the plywood exposed. Using a round over bit in the router clean up the edges nicely. I used a chamfer bit to ease the edges on the other pieces.

This should highlight the joints. I wanted to do this so if I'm asked at the show how the display stand is made I can show the construction a lot easier. We will be running crafts for kids so hopefully it will inspire them to see the joinery.

To hold the pieces I drilled and screwed them into place. Using screws makes it easy to take apart and transport. Its also really easy to put together when you're at the show.

Step 3: Finish

The top display piece is a great place to add your logo or other graphics. I added a vinyl graphic for our UK YouTube Makers booth at Maker Faire UK.

I too the pieces apart and marked each joint A, B, C... this will make it easier to put them back together in the right places. I used some bees wax to seal the edges of the plywood. It not only protects but also brings out the colour in the wood too.

With it all put back together, that's the stand done. I hope you liked this one and give it a go for yourself. Its ideal if you sell at craft fairs and shows.