Introduction: Display Your LEGO Figurines

You or your kids have LEGO figurines and you want to expose them? This is really simple!

Step 1: The Panel

Take a wood panel (medium is OK) with something like 5 mm thickness.

Draw as many 1/3 x 2 profiles you need on a vector file (I personally use Illustrator)

I have put 30 mm of horizontal distance and 75 mm of vertical distance between each.

If you aim to fix it on a wall, think about holes for fixations.

Panel is cut with a laser cutter (difficult to imagine another tool to do it!)

Step 2: Finish

I have painted the panel in white and ordered some 4 x 2 x 1/3 LEGO pieces.

Simply position your figurines on your panel!

The good thing is that you can still move them as you want!

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