Introduction: Display Stand for Headbands

ill make this really simple

what you are making is a very large tootzy candy lol

inside is from the dollar store paper towels

and you buy pvc pipe I used the 1 inch you can use smaller if you like

its very cheap

just make sure you get all the joints and caps thats cheap too

I uploaded a ton of photos and made a diagram

hope this helps anyone who would like to make a display stand

Step 1: ​cutting the PVC Pipe

cutting the PVC pipe once done you can spray paint it any color

or leave it as is

dont paint it

make sure you measure everything

and make sure you measure so it fits your table you will be using it on

you dont want to be done and it wont fit on any table you own

Step 2: Adding the Fabric

sew or safety pin or hot glue the fabric around the paper towels

Step 3: Add Some Headbands

you can use your business cards as tags

use a hole punch and some small rope from home depot

write your price on the tag

one way of getting your business card out and price at the same time