Introduction: Dissasembly of Motorola K1 Cellphone

This instructable shows you how to disassemble a k1 cellphone all the way to the shell so that if you decide to replace parts you will know how to remove them. 
Warning: I'm not responsible for any damages done or parts you've lost by disassembling your phone. Also, if your phone is under warranty don't take it apart because it wil most likely void your warranty.

Step 1: Tools

Tool you'll need:

bucket to put loose pieces in

flat head screwdriver

Torx 5 screwdriver ( If you don't have one, I found that a 1.4mm flat head also works, but becarefull not to strip the screws with it.)

Step 2: Removal of Battery

First take the back plate off, then take out the battery.

Step 3: Next Step

Take out the screws, then use flat head to pry off the back carefully and place the screws where they won't get lossed.

Step 4: Removal of Other Components

First remove the sim card holder by gently lifting it up off the connector. Next pop off connector to the screen, then remove the circuit board, be careful of the buttons, I broke 2 while taking it apart.

Step 5: Screen Removal

Flip Phone over to the top of screen. Next pull off the U shaped piece around it, there should be glue on it. After there are 4 screws in each corner holding the top cover on, remove with screwdriver. Next pull the cover off. Now remove the connector for the camera and remove it. Pull off the connector to the other board. Finally you've taken the whole thing apart and can replace/swap out whatever parts you need.

Step 6: Yay You Are Finished

Now you can put it back together!! Here are close ups of the top screen, and camera. Also, I'm not 100% sure that I put it back together right because mine was broke before I took it apart, but since it still shows the opening screen before shutting down like it did before, I think you should be safe. Also if you're wondering how to open the boot loader, hold the * and # buttons and hit power. Also, if anybody knows anything about fixing this type of software, when it goes to boot loader it says:

Boot loader
SW Version:

Battery Low
Cannot Program

but, the battery is fully charged, and when I try to regularly turn the phone on, it shows the Hello Moto screen then shuts down. Any suggestions are appreciated.