Distant Warning Machine

Introduction: Distant Warning Machine

This project is simply a modification of this awesome Inscrutable project:


The device contains 7 LED lights bulbs of three different colors, red, yellow, and green. If others moves closer to the sensor, the LEDs will light up in order from green to yellow to red. When it goes to red it means others didn't have a saved social distant from you.

Step 1: Write Down the Program

Step 2: The Material You Needs

Modifications include:

- Seven LED of a different color

- A sensor

- Arduino Leonard board

- A cardboard Case Surrounding The Board

Step 3: 3 Step Easily Make Up the Product

First, connect the lines as the picture says.

Second, cut squares on the box which could match up with your product.

Next, upload the program to the Arduino board.

Last, congratulations you finished up a distant warner.

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