Introduction: Distraction Deflection Device

After being fed up with all of the in your face advertising and oversaturation of information I decided to do something about it. The Distraction Deflection Device is an adjustable head mounted unit that allows the wearer to use blockers to customize what information they take in while they carryout their day.

Step 1: Acquire Materials

Materials List
Box cutter
Tape measure
Garden Wire
1/2in diameter flexible tubing
Deck of cards
Wire cutters

Step 2: Create Base Unit

The first step is to make the base for the unit. This step requires you to measure your head and cut several pieces of cardboard.

1. Measure the circumference of your head and write that number down.

2.On a piece of paper make an oval with the same circumference. This will be the inside of your unit.

3. Draw another oval around it roughly .75in/1.9cm. This will be the outside rim. You want to make it wide enough that it can fit the diameter of the tubing and a bit extra for support.

4.Cut that paper out and outline it on cardboard. You need a few cardboard layers depending on the thickness of your cardboard so mark out as many as you need to the desired thickness. Ideally .8in/2cm+.

5.Cut the shapes out of cardboard with the box cutter.

Step 3: Assemble Base Unit

This step assembles the base unit and preps it for the tentacles.

1. Glue the cardboard together. Make sure they are aligned. Use the tape (preferably artist/blue tape) to hold the cardboard pieces together.

2. Try it on your head to make sure it fits correctly.

3. Mark the areas where you want your tentacles. It is suggested to have 3 or 4 depending on the amount of obstructions you want to make. This is the heaviest part so do not front load the head unit or else it will tip off your head.

4. Use the pencil to make a guide hole and switch to the box cutter to remove material. Cut a small piece of the tubing to test the width and depth of your hole. Ideally the hole goes ~80% through the cardboard layers.

Step 4: Assemble the Tentacles

This step will put together the adjustable tentacles

1. Take your 1/2in tubing and measure out your tentacles length. It will vary depending on the person and intent of the unit but generally roughly 1ft/30cm is ideal. You want to make sure there is enough extra tubing so it can bend anyway you want it to but not too much to be cumbersome.

2. Measure and cut garden wire slightly shorter than the tubing you cut. You will be sliding several wires into each tube probably between 2 and 4 wired depending on the garden wire.

3. Slide 1 wire into the tube. Test to see if it will bend and stay in place. Keep adding more one by one to test this. It is important that the tubing can easily bend but must not be too stiff to prevent it from adjusting.

4. Test the tentacle by inserting the end of the tentacle into the head unit.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the rest of the tentacles. Insert them all into the base unit to ensure they bend well and the unit is balanced.

Step 5: Assemble the Blocking Units

This step is the last one and enables you to create the blocking units

1. Take your deck of cards and set aside twice as many cards as you have tentacles. I'd suggest starting with the joker cards since they may be extra anyway.

2. Glue two suite side cards together. Repeat this until you have pairs matching the same amount of tentacles you created. This is the image you will see so you can change it up by having cards with a theme on the back....maybe a deck with a beach scene on them may calm your nerves more.

3. Cut 1.5in/4cm pieces out of your pencil for each set of blocking units. This will allow us to attach the cards to the tentacles. 

4. In most cases the pencil will slide right out so use the tape to add thickness to the pencil pieces so they do not slide out. Do not make the connection too tight because this will prevent the blocking units from being able to rotate which is very important.

5. Once you have the pencils fitting in nicely glue to pencil pieces to the cards.

Step 6: Start Using the Unit

Attach the blocking units and adjust the tentacles to suit your needs. 

I hope this helps you combat the constant bombardment of advertisements and distractions. It has done wonders for me!

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