Distressed Cherry Organizer

Introduction: Distressed Cherry Organizer

For this project the time is usually about a day depending on how fast you are

The supplies you will need

Sander. Sandpaper

A 12 by 20 or 20 by 12 board

A 1 by 4 board

Polyurethane is optional

Wood stain or paint

A paint brush

And old cloth

Wood glue or nails.

I hope you enjoy this instructable

Step 1: First Take Your 20 by 12 or 12 by 20 Board

This is fully customizable for your taste take your board to your saw And cut to the desired length and width! Always wear safety glasses And gloves

Step 2: Next Take Your 1 by 4 or Close to Those Measurements and Cut the Sides and Peices to Make a Box Shape

Try to use different shapes and sizes when making the boxes do not make a bottom in the boxes unless you want its much easier to rearrange without a bottom your choice i didnt

Step 3: Make As Many Box Shapes As Your Board Will Hold or As Many As You Want

Step 4: Then With Your Sander or Sandpaper Sand the Boxes

Step 5: For This Part You May Either Use Glue or Nails I Used Glue and Let It Run Down the Sides a Little So After Stained It Would Look Distressed Like Runny Paint

Step 6: Then Grab Your Wood Stain and an Old Cloth AMD Stain the Peices Your Going to Use!

Use a screwdriver to stain the edges if stained after you've already glued just stab the end in the tight corners. You may use whatever stain or paint you wish i used black cherry for mine!

Step 7:

Step 8: Next Put Your Peices Either in the Sun or Under Fans or Just Let Them Dry However You Want Although the Sun Is Quicker

After waiting the right length of time and wiping the excess stain with you cloth bring your pieces back into your work area

Step 9: Next Grab Your Polyurethane and a Paint Brush and Coat the Pieces to Seal and Waterproof the Wood This Step Is Optional

Step 10: Assemble Your Peices Onto Your Base Board I Didnt Glue or Nail Mine So We Could Arrange As Needed Feel Free to Glue

Step 11: Congratulations There Is Your New Organizer

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