Introduction: Ditch the Purse; Carry the Small Stuff With You!

As a female living in a big city, sometimes I just want to pop around to the neighborhood bar without carrying a purse. Where to keep my credit card, ID, dolla' bills, and apartment key?  Right underneath my skirt!

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Any color leggings in your size (I used black) that are not nylon
2. 2-4 socks (pick any color sock--be creative! ((a spandex-type sock works best)). I used ankle socks, and depending on the size pocket you wish to have, pick your sock size/style accordingly.
3. Scissors
4. Thread
5. Sewing needle
6. Washable pen 

Step 2: Thread Needle

I recommend doubling up on the thread so that the stitches are stronger.

Step 3: Put the Tights On

It is important that you put the tights on so that they stretch.  Hold up one sock against your thigh and position it where you want it to be sewn.

Step 4: Outline

Draw an outline of the sock onto the tights using the washable pen

Step 5: Sew!

Take the tights off, and begin sewing using whatever stitching pattern you are most comfortable using. Make sure you keep your hand in between the legs of the tights; the last thing you want to do is sew the legs of the tights together, rendering it unwearable. Additionally, make sure you stretch the tights a little as you sew. Remember, the tights are going to stretch when you put them back on; the last thing you want is seams ripping.  

Step 6: More Pockets!

When you are finished, begin sewing other pockets.  Sew as many as you want!

Step 7: Finished!

With the pockets sewn, feel free to hide whatever valuables, disguises, food enhancers, LED sneakers, iPad car holders, soda cans, dog toys, walking sticks, or other goodies inside.