Introduction: Dividers for Stacking Storage Boxes

I've been using these stacking storage totes as car camp luggage since they stack so nicely in the back of my SUV.  Unfortunately, my things don't stack so nicely inside them.

This particular brand of box had ribs down the sides for added strength.  They also fit a sheet of thin Masonite perfectly so I was able to slide these dividers into them.  As an added bonus these particular boxes are clear so I can see into them without opening the lid.

Shown here is my car camping "Chuck Box" made up mostly of my backpacking kitchen and some extra luxuries that are a fringe benefit of camping next to your vehicle.  I've made dividers for two more such boxes - one for bike tools, helmets and Camelbaks and another to carry my posh camp amenities like air matresseses, lanterns and such.

I have no idea where I bought these (maybe I "borrowed" them from work) - the brand is KeepBox.  They are available from Office Depot but they are a bit pricey so you may want to shop around.