Divining Rods (aka Dowsing Rods) W/ Tube Straightening Technique

Introduction: Divining Rods (aka Dowsing Rods) W/ Tube Straightening Technique

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I made it at Techshop. http://www.techshop.ws/

I have enjoyed finding old items to make. I remember my uncle using a wooden divining rod when I was a kid. If divining rods actually work or not, I am not going to debate it. I wanted to show how I created my version of the divining rods.

I also wanted to present this instructables to highlight a technique of straightening a curved copper tube.

Step 1: Material Selection

I choose to use copper as my base materials due to its conductive values.

1/8 copper rod 30 inches long

¼ OD Copper tubing used for icemakers makes a great handle, which allows the rods to swing freely

Step 2: Cut Handle

Cut two 4-inch lengths of copper tubing for the handle. Once cut; de-bur the inside of both ends of the tube. The smaller tube cutter is great; it has a plastic rest that reduces the marking on the tube (compared to the other cutter that leaves rings).

Step 3: Tube Straightening Technique

A trick in straightening out the curves or kinks of cut pieces of a coiled tubing is as follows.

Even taking your time uncoiling copper it still has a slight curve to it. I use a board, to apply pressure on the tube and roll it back and forth on a flat surface. This straightens the tube for most practical purpose.

Step 4: Bending Rod and Assembly

Measure 24 ½ inches of the copper rod and put 90 degree bend in it.
Slide the 4-inch copper tube onto the short end of the copper rod.
Measure from short end of the copper rod and mark it at 1 inch.
While keeping it parallel; bend the 1 inch length section approximately 45 degrees towards the 24 ½ section.
The two ends should be pointed in the same plane. This is how the tube handle stays on. I tried to bend both at 90 degrees; but I found that the 45-degree bottom bend is more comfortable.

Step 5: Finished Assembly

Hold one in each hand in front of you.
Start with rods pointing away from you and parallel to the ground.

Walk slowly and when the rods cross; water should be near.   

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    Fikjast Scott

    If you do build one of these, try it by yourself and be prepared to build more. When I show this to people - off they go and they come back smiling; then it’s - make me one. I really believe in the idea of like-minded people naturally come together. I cannot even come close in saying how much I enjoy instructables. Your parasitic planter is a cool idea. Thank you for your comment.

    Fikjast Scott
    Fikjast Scott

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I live in a very wet part of Michigan. You cannot walk 10 feet without hitting some kind of water. There was a comment made that if you put silver or gold in the handle, it would modify the rods to seek out that element. I know that many people have claimed success, like my uncle. My 85-year-old father reminds me; that he has seen things done that were once thought impossible. He has seen things that were once were used, are now cast aside. I was raised to think that anything is possible. Thank you for your time and question.


    9 years ago

    Some of the made to find gold and silver have a chamber in the handles to put a sample of what you are after. I think they're hokey but had a great uncle that could find water and even tell how deep it was -/+ 10 feet.

    Fikjast Scott
    Fikjast Scott

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That is so cool, I never heard of putting something in the handle to determine what to seek.
    I enjoy the background you shared. Thank you for taking the time to look and provide a comment.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Love devining rods --almost forgot about them !!!!!!