Introduction: Diwali Killa (fort in Marathi)

Are you bored?

Are you in the middle of diwali and don't know what to do?

Then you have come to the right instructable.

This will teach you how to make your own Killa or fort for diwali

Step 1: Materials

You need all these and also if you can find some recyclables then please use them
-a bucket load of mud
-a couple of litres of water
-two dozen stones
-some paper
-barbecue sticks (toothpicks work just as fine)
-a couple of statues
-a wooden plank
-a truckload of imagination

You may also want some digging equipment
-a shovel or a spade
-if no shovel you can use a spoon as I have found that it works just as well

Step 2: Moat and Bridge

-Start with a simple hole and make it large
-Later check that the plank fits the gap
if larger then dig a shallow portion the width of the plank
-If smaller then fill up the hole until the edges are snugly fitting on the hole
-Also do not dispose of the mud from the hole you can use this to make your fort

Step 3: Foundation

-Get your stones
-Break half of them into two
-This allows you to make a larger but shorter fort
-Next arrange the stones into your desired design away from the actual site

Step 4: Construction

-Start your fort by spreading a layer of wet mud on the site (the mud must be clear of all stones and in a clay like state)
-Add the first stones
-Coat them with mud
-Before adding the next layer of stones put a layer of mud to hold the stones in place
-Keep repeating this until you have completed your fort
-If you are unable to spare mud then dig into the moat to get more

Step 5: Temple

-You may also make a temple
-It has to be smaller than the fort
-Use the technique from the previous step

Step 6: Walls

-Make walls out of mud
-They should enclose the fort and also have a gate

Step 7: Decorate!

-You may use all the statues you may find of the Mawlas but only 1 Shivaji
-You could also use any other statues(but don't combine the two it looks weird)
-Also use some fags made of orange paper and barbecue sticks
-You need 2 large flags (1 for the fort and 1 for the temple) and several small ones
-Also during the night add candles to the hollow parts of the fort they give a different aura to it

Step 8: Repairs T_T

-After some time you may see cracks in the plaster
-You may fill them by wetting the fort and filling the gaps with mud
-They can also be prevented by soaking a gunny bag in water and draping the fort with it

Step 9: Enjoy!!!

-Your fort is now complete
-You may show it off or do whatever
-You want to do with it

Step 10: Older Versions of Mine

The first is of 2012 and the second of 2013
The best is of this year(2014) the third one

PS - Sorry for the gap in posting I was busy making things
I will post new instructables if possible