Introduction: Diy 6inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope

Many people use to love star gazing and love to observe celestial objects,but only some of us can afford telescope of high power.
in this instructable i am going to tell you how i made a 6 inch newtonian reflector telescope,and how you could make one

this instructable is of 4 sections i.e.
• mount
•optical tube
•some photographs taken by the telescope
•bonus section (don't scroll down to see it, come on wait for the surprise)

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Step 1: Requirements Optical Tube

•6" f8 parabollic mirror(I am using 6" but measurement would if you use any other specs mirror)as primary mirror

•1.76" major axis ellipse mirror for objective and its cell to attach it to telescope tube

for full set

for india

•PVC Pipe (although i made a truss tube scope but i will tell you to make normal one because its much easy to make .all you need is a 48 inch length,3.5inch radius pvc pipe)

•Standard machine screws with wing nut and washer (2 piece) (1.5" in length)

•Standard Hex bot with nut and washer (4 piece) (1.5" length)

•Standard machine screws with wing nut and washer( 3 Piece) (2" length)

•6 standar wood scew

•3 Mirror clips

•3 springs

•wooden cutouts as given in pics

•PVC pipe (2" radius) (4" length)

Step 2: Primary Mirror Cell

Get two wodden cutouts as given in pics.Then make 3 holes at 120° angle in both woddin discs as shown in the images.Then attach the two discs with machine scews and spring. Then attach primary mirror on the top of small wooden disc with mirror clip.You should use wing nut instead of normal nut.

Step 3: Focuser

Take wooden pices and cut them as given in pics add ruber grips at the center of wooden stick.I give the credit of images to the maker of this focuser.

Step 4: Secondary Mirror Cell

Although I bought the secondary mirror cell but you can also make it by your own

Step 5: Assembling Optical Tube

Attach the primary mirror cell to the tube with screws. Attach the focuser to the tube with hex bolts and nut. And attach the secondary mirror cell with long screws.
You can also attach a findercope to you telescope but I would not suggest you to do so.

Step 6: Requirements for Mount

• Wooden cutouts

•Metal pipe (4 foot long)

•T joint for PVC pipe

•6" Long Hex bolt and nut

• 5" long Hex bolt with nut (2 piece)

Step 7: Assembling of the Mount

Attach the T with wooden piece as given in the pics . Attach the T joint with the pipe with the help of 2 hex bolts.Then attach the pipe with the wooden base.

Step 8: Final Assembly

Attach the telescope with the mount with the help of 2 machine screws and wing nuts. I would suggest to collimate the telescope after assembling.

Step 9: Shot Taken From the Scope

Step 10: Bonus Section

okay so i am attaching pdf file of reference book i used to make the scope.don't think this is a normal telescope guide you get from internet .this is so far the best telescope making guide you can get in market.i give all the credit of the book to Edmund scientific co.,and mr.Sam brown for writing this book.

you can also use your smartphone as a digital findercope if you want to check how to do it,i am leaving a link for my another instructable....


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