Introduction: Diy Acrylic Painting of Eagle Eye

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Here is a simple tutorial of eagle eye painting on black canvas.
By using 3 to4 colors u can make amazing painting.
Lets see.
Happy painting

Step 1: You Will Need

Black canvas
Different sizes of flat brush
Tiny round tip brush
Black , white , orange , white, yellow, pink , burnt sienna acrylic color
Tissue paper

Step 2: Draw

draw your refernce image on canvas.
I am using 4" by 6" inch black canvas.
Draw your guidelines on canvad using pencil.

Tip:- use light pressure while drawing with pencil so it will remove easily. :)

Step 3: Painting of Crown Area

Colors used in crown area
Light blue

Using small flat brush make some small stroke in upward direction with white color.
Likewise make stroke using yellow orange and lightblue color.
Make strokes until you will get desired texture..

Step 4: Eyes

Colors used in this part
And burnt sienna

Cover whole area with yellow and start shading using white and burnt sienna .
Shading needs some practice.
For pupil fill whole part with black color and for reflection put some white dot on it and you are done..:)

Step 5: Painting of Beak

Give yellow colord outline to the beak.
And follow this color using light blue , ultramarine blue and black color.
For this i have used small tiny round tip brush.

Step 6: Painting the Remaining Part


For this follow step number 3.

Hurrey ! You are done..
Happy painting