Introduction: DIY Basketball Hoop

About: I am 18 years old and I started with 3D printing in March of 2017. This all started with some inspiration and motivation, which came from school and youtube videos. I own the Anet A8, which I feel all beginner…

This is a quick and easy weekend project. I created this just as a cool decoration for the wall yet at the same time it can be used as a game of trashketball.

Materials list:
3D printer

Laser Cutter


Super Glue



Command Strips

Step 1: 3D Printing

Prepare your printer for the basketball hoop (Make sure that your printer has a large enough print volume first). Load the Basketball_Hoop.stl file in your slicer and print. The diameter of the hoop measures 6 inches.

Step 2: Laser Cutting

As the basketball hoop is printing, open up the Basketball_Backboard.dxf file in Adobe Illustrator and use a laser cutter to cut out the basketball backboard. Use more power on the border of the backboard to cut it out and use less power to engrave the square. Once it is cut, you can apply wood stain on the backboard to make it look nicer. Use painters tape to help paint the different sections on the backboard.

Step 3: Tie the Basketball Hoop Net

To start the basketball hoop net, first cut out 7 strings to approximately 2ft in length.Burn the tips of the strings with a stove flame to prevent the string from splitting.Fold one piece of string evenly down the middle and feed it through the holes on the hoop.Tie two lengths of string together every 1 inch. As you get closer to the bottom of the string, tie each string closer together.Then cut the excess string once you are happy with the length of the net.

You can watch a part of this video to see how to tie the net:

Step 4: Put It All Together

Position the basketball hoop to the center of the backboard (Use a ruler to measure the distance from the left and right edges). Apply a couple drops of super glue to the back side of the basketball hoop and press the hoop against the backboard.Use command strips to hang the basketball backboard to the wall (Make sure that it is level).