Introduction: Diy Braille Charms

I made these for my girlfriend whom works with the blind. They are very cheap and easy!

Step 1: Tools Needed

what you'll need:
a hammer
a small nail
a very fine tip pen or marker
a spacing template (I used an electronics board)
a blank charm
a mini keyring

Step 2: What to Punch

Find the letter or contaction you want to make.

Step 3: Flip It!

use your template and put it over your charm. make sure you hold it still while drawing the letter backwards. (this is the backside.)

Step 4: Check Your Work

all you have to do is lunch the nail with the hammer on the dots and check your work by flipping the charm over.

Step 5: Finish It Up!

put the charm on the keyring to put on your keys, a bracelet or necklace! enjoy!