Introduction: Diy Colorful Flower Paper Maker

About: Hi , I am a Maker-Space Educator .I love to design thing and make things using tools like electronics,papercraft,3d printing,etc.which are parts of makerspace.

This is a simple diy in which we can design circular color pattern on a paper which looks very beautiful .

its really interesting for kids and later on you can cut it in flower and make some handicraft.

Step 1: Part Required to Make a Simple Project

1 scissor

2 double side paper

3 dc motor

4 aa battery holder

5 faom sheet

6 A4 paper

7 switch

8 battery

9 gluegun

10 soldering iron

Step 2: Cutting Foam Sheet

Cut the foam sheet in these sizes.


In this glue motor ,battery holder and switch and solder them.

for complete connection check the video link ..