Introduction: Diy Cordless Drill Battery Plug Repair

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So I have a dog. And my dog like many, chews things.

Something he chewed, is my cordless drill battery charger. It is something I use often. So it is easy to see, I was a little upset. He chewed to plug end right off. And I decided to fix it!

Step 1: What Do I Need?

Step one is to look and see what you need. I decided I needed: (from left to right) a wire stripper, solder, knife, electrical tape, screw driver, sponge and wire sponge, and a soldering iron.

Step 2: Let's Get Started

Find a donor wire, I have one from another project (photo 1)

Start taking the charger apart. Mine had 4 screws total on the bottom. Take them out and pull the price apart. The board is not screwed down, so just take that out too. The chewed wire is connected to it. I tried using my soldering iron to take the cord out of the board, but my iron was not strong enough. I decided to cut the cord and solder the new one to it.

Step 3: Lets Get Cutting an Soldering

So, most two prong plugs are labeled with black and white coatings. As shown in the photos, the wires on this board are labeled white and black. And so is my donor cord. Simply strip the wires close enough to the board so the connection is just outside the case once put together. Strip the donor cord also. Wrap the white donor cord connection with the white charger connection. And solder together. Do the same with the black connection.

Step 4: Tape Up and Put Back Together

Use some electrical tape and tape of your connections. Hopefully your soldering job is better than mine. After it is taped up, put the board back into the case and screw it all back together

Step 5: Charge Up!

Plug it in! Be careful in case you made a mistake. Always use a power strip that can cut the power quick! If all goes well like mine did, plug in your battery and enjoy your cordless again!

Step 6: Safety

Safety should be a big concern when attempting any repairs. Please be courteous of others and yourself.
Use safety glasses. And gloves when soldering incase of solder splash. Soldering irons are hot. Don't touch them. When working with anything electrical please don't get shocked. And like always, have fun and learn something.

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