Diy Dinosaur Costume.




Introduction: Diy Dinosaur Costume.

This is a dinosaur costume I made for my 3 year old for Halloween.

-matching pants
-1/2 yard of matching color fleece
-10 sheets of your choice color felt
-1 sheet of white felt
-1 roll of 1 inch wide elastic
-A sewing needle
- spools of thread that match fabric colors
- 1 bag of fiber fill

-sewing pins

Step 1: Making the Tail

When making the tail I followed the tail measurements and pattern from the running with scissors web page( link will be posted below). I only used the measurements and pattern for the tail. I made the belt and spikes using a different method. To keep the tail on I used elastic. Just measure 2 pieces of elastic around the waist of person who will wear it. then sew the ends of each one to the top and bottom of the circle part of the tail.

Step 2: Spikes

To make the spikes, fold the felt sheet long ways and trace triangles in three different sizes (mine were 1 1/2", 2" and 3" in length) Cut the triangle out and make sure the fold is at the bottom of the triangle (When opened flat, it should create a diamond). After they are cut out you can begin to align them along the seam of the hoodie (align the center fold with the seam). I put the smaller triangles towards the front and bigger ones at the top of the head and the middle one on the back of the neck, but you can play around with what sizes go where. At this point you should have a bunch of sideways diamonds lined up with the seam on top of the hood. Sew them in the middle fold of the felt all along hood and back and also the tail. To finish the spikes sew around each one leaving enough room to fill with fluff and then sew closed.

Step 3: Dinosaur Feet Shoe Covers

To make the dinosaur shoe covers I followed the elf shoe covers tutorial Link below. I followed it for the most part but when you are cutting the shape out i cut the elf shoe tip off so it is rounded instead of pointed. take some of the fleece left over from making the tail and wrap it around one of the shoes you are making the cover for(you will do the same steps for each shoe) you will want to line the fabric with the bottom of the shoe and around(as shown in the picture above) Pin where the fabric meets the tip of the shoe along to the opening of the shoe leaving a hole. Then sew along the pins. Cut off the extra fabric. then measure to see how much elastic you need for the bottom of the shoe. Cut and sew two pieces one for the heel of the foot and behind the toes. To make the nails, cut a triangle out of white felt and round the corners on the bottom, leaving a point on top (should resemble a cone in 2-D). Make 6 of them and sew 3 on each foot with the point of each toward the toe of the shoe.

Step 4: Scale Details

Start by cutting an oval that covers the stomach part of the hoodie. (If you have a zip up hoodie then you will want to cut it in half and sew each half on either side of the zipper so it's still usable.) sew the oval on the hoodie and then cut half circle scale shapes out of the same color felt. Cut as many as you need to cover the oval while overlapping them. When sewing them on, only sew the top parts of the scale and work from bottom of the patch and work your way up (They do not need to be aligned or anything, but might look a bit more clean if you had a bit of symmetry in the rows of scales). Do the same for the knees (and possibly elbows if you want)

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    That is so cute! I am going to have to show this to my kids. I bet they would love to do this next year.