Introduction: Diy Easy Golf Disc Bag

I have seen a few different iterations of similar design, but the people who put those together are clearly better at sewing than me. This is more of a quick and dirty approach for those like myself who do not have the skills / patience to produce a nicer project. End result will still carry your discs & car keys around, so if you are still interested please read on!

*important note* To keep the thread from coming unraveled I went forward and backward a few stitches at the beginning & end of every stitch. There may be a better way to do this, but this has worked for me in the past.

Ps. This is my first instructable and I'm quickly realizing I didn't take the most informative pictures. So please, bare with me and I'll do my best to get the point across with text.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

- Old shirt with buttons and front pocket

- Discs you would like to carry

- Shoulder strap

^ I happen to have 1" webbing laying around, so the instruction going forward will be based around this

^ An old belt, guitar strap, or other long cloth scrap will work

- Lighter (for webbing)

Step 2: Get Shirt Ready to Sew

1. Fasten all the buttons

2. Turn shirt inside out

3. Fold the shirt over on the buttons (poorly pictured)

^ The buttons will end up being the top of your bag

Step 3: Sew Your First Side

The first line should be towards the bottom of the shirt. This is so we don't run into a problem with the angles down there

1. Line up a disc & mark the bottom line

^ This will be one of the sides

2. Sew down the line

Step 4: Sew the Other Side

1. Put your discs in the shirt and push them into the corner. They should be pressed against the buttons edge of your shirt and the line you just sewed

2. Pinch the fabric on the remaining side and try to find the middle point of thickness

^ To clarify, if for example your disc stack is 2" tall, you want 1" of fabric from above & below your disc stack

^ I gave it an extra 1/4" to account for different disc thickness

3. Make a mark so you know where to sew, and stitch it up

Step 5: Sew Bottom

Now you have two sides, and the top is buttoned closed

1. Put your disc's back in & hold upside down

2. Pinch the fabric on the bottom and try to find the middle point of thickness.

3. Make a mark so you know where to sew, and stitch it up

Step 6: Cut Out & Sew Edges

Now you have a pocket that will hold discs!

1. Unbutton the shirt and remove discs

2. Cut around your pocket leave roughly 1/4"-1/2" of fabric

3. Change your machine to a zig-zag stitch and sew all around the outside to prevent fraying

^ Alternatively if you have a surge sewing machine, you can cut and sew in one step

*note* to keep the thread from unraveling I did a straight stitch forward and backward a couple times, then switched to zig-zag

Step 7: Add Pocket

1. Cut out the front pocket of your shirt leaving a 1/2" of fabric around the pocket

2. Pin in place and (using the zig-zag stitch) sew around the outside

^ Don't sew pocket shut

Step 8: Add Strap

1. Pin one side of webbing down and sew into place, leaving the tail end long

2. Cut webbing to desired length

^ This step should be easier with the first side attached to your bag already

3. Burn edge to prevent fraying

^ If you are not confident using fire, use super glue or your sewing machine

4. Pin down and sew into place

Step 9: Done

You're done now! Good job! Go play and have fun.