Introduction: Diy Electric Scooter Petrol to Electric Conversion and Modification

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In this project, I have taken an old petrol scooter and converted it to electric green vehicle and heavily modified it. The entire project was a fun build and I hope you guys will love this instructable.

Step 1: Look of the Vehicle Before and After

I took the old vehicle, type an automatic scooter, of TVS make here in India form Indian manufacturer. The vehicle was in very bad shape. I stripped down the entire vehicle up to chassis and worked entirely on its chassis.

Step 2: Removing All Internal Combustion Engine Parts and Body Parts and Custom Parts

I removed all the Internal combustion engine parts like head block, piston, crankshaft, air filter, magneto assembly to name few of them. Also, all the body parts were removed and all custom parts as shown in the picture were made. Some parts were made by cutting old body panels of the company and the rest was made from the 6inch PVC pipes after heating it and molding it and got it colored white

Step 3: Engine Electrification and Custom Parts

An adapter plate from aluminum was made to fix the motor on the fan side of the crank case as shown in the above picture. A custom crankshaft was also made out of the iron bar because we do not want the offset weight to rotate unnecessarily and imbalance the entire system as there is no need of one as there is no piston in the electric engine. As seen in the pictures the custom shaft will couple from fan side to the motor with the toothed nylon transmission geared drive. The adapter plate will get mounted from the fan side of the engine as seen in the picture. Also, the 3000w BLDC motor and steel plate to seal the empty went of engine block place is shown as above.

Step 4: Assembling the Electric Engine

The electric engine assembly was then started. The motor was mounted on the adapter plate. Connecting gears mounted on both motor and driveshaft. The well-greased nylon coupler is then inserted in between the shaft and motor. The motor is then placed in the alignment of the driveshaft and is bolted firmly on to the crankcase body of the engine. On the opposite side, we will get the output of the shaft and here I have removed the automatic variable drive or so-called CVT drive as its really very lossy drive and I did not want to lose a single watt in that. The rear reduction gearbox was kept intact and the shaft was modified to have a key slot to fix pulleys on front and rear shafts. The tensioner pulley was fixed at the center and it was then given appropriate tension on the belt drive.

Step 5: Finalizing the Electric Engine

The CVT side engine cover was again fixed at a place to protect the belt drive. Steel plate was fixed at the empty place from where engine block was removed so that dust and other environmental things do not get inside the engine compartment. The wheel was fixed and the stand was also installed on which the electric engine is parked.

Step 6: Installing the Engine to Frame and Battery

The engine was then mated to frame. All custom body panels were installed and as shown in the picture the uneven surfaces of the luggage compartment were flattened with the grinder to make it level to accommodate 12v 28Ah four batteries in the bay.

Step 7: The Final Out Come

Agile look is given to the previously soft-looking traditional scooter. I think that we were able to make it look like that quite successfully. So what do you guys think do let me know your views.

Step 8: Lets Take It for a Spin

Guys the scooter is really very very fun machine to ride. It has ample power to propel the scooter at the speed of about 55Kmph. Feels sturdy and safe to ride. The entire video is available on youtube. If you are interested in how it performs on road do take a look at it. I have placed English subtitles in the video so that though it's in Hindi you will be able to understand the content of the entire video. I hope that you loved reading this instructable. I am thankful for reading this till the end and comment from all of you will really be a matter of appreciation to the hard work. Thank you all.

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