Diy Fibre Art Woven Polymer Clay Necklace



Introduction: Diy Fibre Art Woven Polymer Clay Necklace

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This fun project combines simple polymer clay sculpting, weaving, and macrame. It’s a great introductory fibre arts project. The end product is a fun and original necklace. Feel free to experiment with different frame and yarn colours!!!


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Step 1: Sketch Out Your Neclace Frame

Choose the dimensions you want your necklace frame to be. The width should be an odd number. I would also recommend making the walls at least 1 cm for stability. Sketch out the frame on millimetre paper and mark the holes to be 1 mm×1 mm every 2 mm (I recommend using metric dimensions for this step as the dimensions are really small so trying to calculate it in inches is messy). Cut out the frame. This will be your template.

Step 2: Make the Polymer Clay Weaving Frame

Using a clay roller or a dotting tool roll out your clay. I put the clay between a few stacked cards to achieve a uniform thickness. Put your paper template on top and using an x-acto knife cut out the frame, then with a needle poke holes through the markings on your template into the clay. Also poke a hole in each of the top corners for hanging. Remove the paper template and bake the clay according to package instructions.

Step 3: Weave the Warp Threads

After the clay is backed, use a needle to carefully widen the holes. Then thread through the thread so that it would lie on top of the good side of your frame as seen in the pictures. Tie the ends of the thread in the back.

Step 4: Weave the Weft

Using an embroidery needle and embroidery floss (I used three strands of the floss) tie the end of your string to one of the loops on the back of the frame. Then string the floss through the inside of the frame to the good side of the pendant. With the good side facing you, weave the string over, under, over, under and so on. When you reach the end, pull taught and start from the other side going over if your last move was under and vice versa. When you’re happy with the thickness of your stripe, tie the end of the strand to the warp thread on the back side of the pendant and tie the new colour strand, cut off the excess floss off the ends. Continue until the whole frame is filled.

Step 5: Create the Neclace Cord

Take two strings of different colours. String both of them through a jump ring, so that there’s a short hangover and a long tail. The string should be 4-5 times the length of your desired end result. I pined the jump ring to a soft chair to make it easier to work with, but if your using a table you can just tape it down. To make it less confusing I will refer to the strings as pink and blue, since those are my colours. Starting with the pink, go over the blue, then under the blue then over the pink and pull taught. The with the blue go over the pink then under the pink then over the blue and pull taught. Continue until you reach your desired length. String a jump ring through one of the strings and make a few more knots then make an overhand knot with both of the strings and cut off the excess.

Step 6: Add Clasps

To one of the jump rings add another jump ring, to the other add a lobster clasp.

Step 7: Assemble the Neclace

Open up two jump rings. Put each jump ring through the holes in the top corners of the pendant. Put the cord you made inside of the jump rings and close them up. You’re finished 😊

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