Diy File Sander Handle

Introduction: Diy File Sander Handle

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Recently i faced a problem while sanding some of my soldering iron tip that it was tough for me to use the file due to improper stability because it does not have handle attached to it ......So i decided to make one

Step 1: Materials!!!!

Before starting i wish to list items required

  • Sanding file (probably most important)
  • A fevicol bottle (anything which is hollow and can be used as a mould {choose something whose neck region is big enough to hold the file} )
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lots of glue sticks
  • Paper cutter and some basic tools
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape
  • Paint

Step 2: Cutting the Bottom of the Bottle.

Take your bottle and cut the bottom of the bottle so that you have now access to the hollow part. (DO NOT CUT THE NECK REGION ).After cutting make sure to clean the bottle ........And choose a base

Step 3: Fill It With Hot Glue......

After the bottom is cut and the file is nicely fit start adding hot glue from the bottom . You can add tape on the neck region so that hot glue do not escape out . After the mould (fevicol bottle) is fully filled add a brown tape at its bottom and keep it straight on a surface .

As we know hot glue is hot is sink that whole thing in cold water so the cooling action will be more fast

Step 4: Remove the Mould

After the hot glue had cooled down its time to remove the mould ...Just take a scissor or a wire cutter to cut a notch and tear the whole mould with the help of that notch.

Step 5: Paint It Up!@!

Finally its time to give it a nice finish .......I love orange so i painted it orange!!

Step 6: And Its Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After paint has dried you have successfully made a handle for your file

This was my first instructable so if i did any mistake please let me know in my comments section

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    Awesome fix, I love that you used an old bottle for the mold and then use hotglue to create the handle.

    Hey if you ever create some video tutorials on your youtube channel, we'd also love to see them over here. Plus we run fun contests!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thank you very much it was first comment on my first instructable in my life .....I am soon going to participate in many contests so please do vote for me..............once again thanks for viewing my instructable